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Build accessible React apps with speed

Build a beautiful, modern website with flexible, fully customizable, atomic MUI components.

Built for developers

theFront is built to make your life easier. Variables, build tooling, documentation, and reusable components.

Designed to be modern

Designed with the latest design trends in mind. theFront feels modern, minimal, and beautiful.

Documentation for everything

We've written extensive documentation for components and tools, so you never have to reverse engineer anything.

Build tools and full documention

Components, plugins, and build tools are all thoroughly documented with live examples and markup for easier use and customization.

> $ yarn install
// Or
> $ npm install

// Everything installed!

> $ yarn start
// Or
> $ npm run start

// LiveReload started. Opening localhost:3000

The powerful and flexible theme for all kinds of businesses

Whether you're creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a portfolio showcase, theFront helps you create the best possible product for your users.

300 + component compositions, which will help you to build any page easily.

45 + landing and supported pages to Build a professional website.

99% of our customers rated 5-star our themes over 5 years.


Customize any part of our components to match your design needs.

Light and dark UI

Optimized for multiple color modes. Use light or dark, your choice.


Designed with composition in mind. Compose new components with ease.

Developer experience

Guaranteed to boost your productivity when building your app or website.

Continuous updates

We continually deploy improvements and new updates to theFront.

Free support

6 months of free technical support to help you build your website faster.

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Build a beautiful, modern website with flexible, fully customizable, atomic MUI components.

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